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Thanksgiving crossword puzzle
3. ---- are decorated with pumpkins and gourds at Thanksgiving.
6. This drink is often served at Thanksgiving.
8. What game is associated with Thanksgiving?
10. This vegetable was served at the earliest Thanksgiving feasts.
12. --- sauce is often served with your Thanksgiving dinner.
14. You might find this vegetable on your Thanksgiving dinner plate.
15. Everyone likes to watch a Thanksgiving ----.
17. Another popular Thanksgiving vegetable is ----.
18. You need a sharp knife to ---- the turkey.
1. This vegetable is used for making pies.
2. You give ---- for your blessings at Thanksgiving.
4. You put this in your turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
5. ---- are sometimes exchanged at Thanksgiving.
7. This type of bread goes well with your Thanksgiving dinner.
9. These vegetables can be used for decoration.
11. The ---- are very colorful at Thanksgiving.
13. You put this on your turkey and potatoes.
16. We celebrate Thanksgiving in the ----.

3a-churches; 6a-cider; 8a-football; 10a-corn; 12a-cranberry; 14a-yams; 15a-parade; 17a-squash; 18a-carve; 1d-pumpkin; 2d-thanks; 4d-stuffing; 5d-gifts; 7d-rolls; 9d-gourds; 11d-leaves; 13d-gravy; 16d-fall;

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