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Ghosts and Goblins crossword puzzle
2. --- the friendly ghost
4. A ---- is a gnome
5. Another name for a ghost is a ----
8. A ---- is a ghost
9. A goblin is usually ----
11. Ghosts are known to ---- castles
1. Goblins live in the roots of ancient ----
3. Ghosts are the ---- of the dead
6. A place where ghosts are is said to be ----
7. A goblin is a ---- creature
8. A goblin can be mean or ----
10. A goblin is ---- with pointy features
2a-Caspar; 4a-goblin; 5a-spook; 8a-phantom; 9a-ugly; 11a-haunt; 1d-trees; 3d-spirits; 6d-haunted; 7d-small; 8d-playful; 10d-green;

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