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Easter story puzzle

6. The soldiers made Jesus ---- the heavy cross
7. Jesus died on the ----
8. After he arose, Jesus met the ---- in Galilee
11. Doubting ---- had to see Jesus before believing
13. ---- days after Jesus died, he rose from the dead
14. At the feast of the Passover, Jesus washed the ---- of the disciples
1. Jesus was betrayed by ----
2. After the feast, they went to the ---- of Gethsemane
3. Jesus was taken to a high ---- called Caiaphas
4. Jesus was made to wear a crown of ----
5. ---- from Arimathea put Jesus in the tomb
9. Three times ---- denied knowing Jesus
10. Jesus said he was the son of ----
12. An ---- rolled away the stone in front of the tomb
15. Mary, visiting the ---- found it empty

6a-carry; 7a-cross; 8a-disciples; 11a-Thomas; 13a-three; 14a-feet; 1d-Judas; 2d-garden; 3d-priest; 4d-thorns; 5d-Joseph; 9d-Peter; 10d-God; 12d-angel; 15d-tomb

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