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Easter puzzle

1. The Easter Bunny usually brings me lots of ----
4. Some people color eggs with ----
5. A baby chicken is called a ----
6. I like eating ---- eggs on Easter morning
8. On an Easter Egg Hunt you ---- the eggs
9. The Easter Bunny is very ----
10. Chicks hatch out of ----
2. A baby duck is called a ----
3. It's fun to ---- eggs at Eastertime
6. Stories of Jesus can be found in the ----
7. Sometimes I'm invited to an Easter Egg Hunt ----

1a-candy; 4a-crayons; 5a-chick; 6a-boiled; 8a-gather; 9a-tall; 10a-eggs; 2d-duckling; 3d-dye; 6d-bible; 7d-party

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