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Easter puzzle

2. The Easter Bunny has big ----
4. Easter ---- are beautiful flowers
5. Peter Cottontail comes hopping down the ---- trail
8. The Easter Bunny's favorite food is ----
10. The Easter Bunny also has big ----
11. People usually go to ---- to celebrate Easter
1. --- beans are sometimes found in an Easter basket
3. It's fun to go on an egg ---- at Eastertime
5. You would wear an Easter ---- in an Easter parade
6. We celebrate Easter in the ----
7. The Easter Bunny carries eggs in a ----
9. Easter is all about ----
11. It's fun to ---- the Easter eggs

2a-ears; 4a-lilies; 5a-bunny; 8a-carrots; 10a-feet; 11a-church; 1d-jelly; 3d-hunt; 5d-bonnet; 6d-spring; 7d-basket; 9d-Jesus; 11d-color

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