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This puzzle is very hard to do unless you know your dinosaurs well. Otherwise, it can be done by looking at the answers.
You can learn about the different dinosaurs this way.

Dinosaur crossword puzzle

1. What dinosaur's name starts with a "Z"?
4. With an "X"?
5. With an "S"?
6. With a "T"?
7. With a "P"?
9. With a "U"?
10. With an "R"?
11. With a "W"?
12. With a "V"?
13. With an "N"?
2. With a "Y"?
3. With a "Q"?
8. With an "O"?

1a-Zephyrosaurus; 4a-Xuanhanosaurus; 5a-Saurolophus; 6a-Triceratops; 7a-Protoceratops; 9a-Ultrasaurus; 10a-Rutiodon; 11a-Wuerhosaurus; 12a-Velociraptor; 13a-Nodosaurus; 2d-Yunnanosaurus; 3d-Quetzalcoatlus; 8d-Ouranosaurus

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