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Christmas dinner
3. Bunnies like these too!
6. Don't forget to leave some of these out for Santa and the reindeer.
9. ---- jelly goes well with your Christmas dinner.
11. What is full of fruit and nuts and baked in the oven?
13. This is a favorite at Christmastime.
14. You put this on your meat and potatoes.
15. Some people serve ---- instead of turkey.
16. A favorite Christmas dessert is the Christmas ----.
17. This is an orange vegetable quite often served at Christmastime.
18. This is best just after it comes out of the oven.
1. Santa sometimes puts ---- in your stocking.
2. This vegetable is good with butter.
4. You put this inside the turkey.
5. This vegetable goes well with turkey.
6. ---- sauce goes well with your Christmas dinner.
7. There are usually many different kinds of these goodies at Christmastime.
8. Candy ---- are minty and striped.
10. Fruit ---- is delicious.
12. This is yummy in your tummy!
16. Some people love them and some love to hate them.

3a-carrots; 6a-cookies; 9a-apple; 11a-fruitcake; 13a-turkey; 14a-gravy; 15a-goose; 16a-pudding; 17a-yams; 18a-bread; 1d-grapes; 2d-corn; 4d-stuffing; 5d-potatoes; 6d-cranberry; 7d-squares; 8d-canes; 10d-punch; 12d-candy; 16d-peas;

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