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The Christmas Story

2. Angel ---- sang announcing the birth of Jesus.
6. Jesus worked with his father as a ----.
8. Who appeared before Joseph in a dream?
9. He was the father of Jesus.
10. There was no room at the inn, so Mary and Joseph went to a ----.
11. What was seen in the east to announce the birth of Jesus?
13. Three ---- saw the star and came to worship Jesus.
14. The three wiseman brought these to the stable.
1. Jesus was wrapped in swaddling ----.
3. Who were in the fields watching over their sheep when Jesus was born?
4. She was the mother of Jesus.
5. Mary gave birth to Jesus here.
7. What was the name of the wicked king that wanted to get rid of Jesus?
12. --- was born in Bethlehem.

2a-choirs; 6a-carpenter; 8a-angel; 9a-Joseph; 10a-stable; 11a-star; 13a-wisemen; 14a-gifts; 1d-clothes; 3d-shepherds; 4d-Mary; 5d-manger; 7d-Herod; 12d-Jesus;

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