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Canadian Thanksgiving crossword puzzle
3. ---- settlers who came over with Samuel de Champlain held huge feasts of thanks.
4. To give thanks for a good harvest, farm workers filled a goat's ---- with fruit and grain.
5. A celebration was held to give thanks for Frobisher's ---- return.
6. ---- are decorated with cornucopias, pumpkin, corn, wheat sheaves, and other harvest bounty.
8. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for an abundant ----.
12. ---- brought the customs and practices of the American Thanksgiving to Canada.
1. Thanksgiving is on the second Monday in ----.
2. The first Thanksgiving was after the return of Martin Frobisher who was searching for the Northwest ----.
3. French settlers shared ---- with their native neighbours.
7. A "horn of plenty" is called a ----.
9. The Canadian Football League holds a double header known as the "Thanksgiving Day ----.
10. Beautiful colourful ---- can be seen at Thanksgiving.
11. Fall is the ---- when we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada.

3a-French; 4a-horn; 5a-safe; 6a-churches; 8a-harvest; 12a-Loyalists; 1d-October; 2d-Passage; 3d-food; 7d-cornucopia; 9d-Classic; 10d-leaves; 11d-season;

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