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American Thanksgiving crossword puzzle
1. This orange vegetable is used to make a Thanksgiving pie.
5. The ---- Americans helped the Pilgrims to survive that first brutal winter.
7. Most people like to watch the Thanksgiving ----.
9. Half of the pilgrims who arrived on the ---- died.
13. What sport is connected with Thanksgiving?
2. The American Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in ----.
3. Today most Americans serve ---- for Thanksgiving dinner.
4. There was a shortage of flour, so it's unlikely that they had ---- at the first thanksgiving.
6. On Thanksgiving, Americans give ---- for a bountiful harvest.
8. The first Thanksgiving is said to have occurred at the site of Plymouth ---- in 1621.
10. A Patuxet Native American called ---- taught the Pilgrims how to catch eel and grow corn and served as an interpreter for the Pilgrims.
11. Squanto learned English as a slave in Europe and travels in ----.
12. The natives taught the Pilgrims to ---- food.

1a-pumpkin; 5a-native; 7a-parade; 9a-Mayflower; 13a-football; 2d-November; 3d-turkey; 4d-rolls; 6d-thanks; 8d-Plantation; 10d-Squanto; 11d-England;< 11d-harvest;br>
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