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The letter E crossword puzzle

1. One of a series of connected stories
3. Every one
4. To raise
5. Awareness
8. A well known scientist
9. A fish
11. Old
15. A strong feeling of happiness
16. Body part
17. Our planet
1. To throw out forcefully
2. Can be stretched and deformed
3. Not hard
4. The time between late afternoon and night
5. Having lots of energy
6. First class
7. Odd behaviour
10. An extra performance of a piece
12. Mistake
13. Not full
14. A bird of prey
15. To be equal
16. A mythical creature

1a-episode; 3a-each; 4a-elevate; 5a-existence; 8a-Einstein; 9a-eel; 11a-elderly; 15a-euphoric; 16a-ear; 17a-earth; 1d-eject; 2d-elastic; 3d-easy; 4d-evening; 5d-energetic; 6d-excellent; 7d-eccentric; 10d-encore; 12d-error; 13d-empty; 14d-eagle; 15d-equate; 16d-elf

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