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The letter D crossword puzzle

1. A wet liquid
2. Brings the pizza
4. Wet
5. A state of mind
6. Soaked
8. A basketball term
9. Wild Australian dog
10. Can't hear
11. An aquatic bird
12. Good
13. Water goes down this
1. A small mindless sketch
2. Used for making holes in materials
3. A deep fried piece of batter
4. Chart
5. A private road
6. Inactive
7. Prehistoric monster
9. Dipping food into a beverage

1a-drink; 2a-delivers; 4a-damp; 5a-delirious; 6a-drenched; 8a-dribble; 9a-dingo; 10a-deaf; 11a-duck; 12a-decent; 13a-drain;
1d-doodle; 2d-drill; 3d-doughnut; 4d-diagram; 5d-driveway; 6d-dormant; 7d-dinosaur; 9d-dunk;

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