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The letter C crossword puzzle

1. Prepare food
2. At the bottom of the sleeve
4. What sugar is made from
5. A bird
6. Part of the brain
7. To stop
8. Not straight
11. Hollywood
13. Near the ocean
14. For a baby
1. A monster
2. Money
3. Months of the year
4. Underground opening
6. The Heavens
8. A skill
9. Yummy!
10. Santa Claus comes then
12. A desert animal

1a-cook; 2a-cuff; 4a-cane; 5a-canary; 6a-cerebrum; 7a-cease; 8a-curved; 11a-celebrity; 13a-coast; 14a-carriage;
1d-creature; 2d-cent; 3d-calendar; 4d-cave; 6d-celestial; 8d-craft; 9d-candy; 10d-Christmas; 12d-camel;

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