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The letter B crossword puzzle

2. A pig-like wild animal
3. Not sharp
7. To ruin something
8. Cries a lot
10. Worn on the arm
11. For straightening teeth
12. Not small
13. Has a stinger
14. Wild animal
1. The noise a sheep makes
2. Fun to play
3. Fun to ride
4. Made with soapy water
5. Crooked
6. Dances well
7. Good on bread
8. Where you sleep at night
9. A piece of wood
13. For sailing
14. Makes you clean

2a-boar; 3a-blunt; 7a-break; 8a-baby; 10a-bracelet; 11a-braces; 12a-big; 13a-bee; 14a-buffalo; 1d-baa; 2d-ball;
3d-bicycle; 4d-bubbles; 5d-bent; 6d-ballerina; 7d-butter; 8d-bed; 9d-board; 13d-boat; 14d-bath;

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