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The letter A crossword puzzle

2. Forever
4. They live in colonies
5. Indian tribe
7. Houses fish
8. You do this in arithmetic
10. A collection of maps
12. Formerly called a lizzard
13. You breathe this
14. Guardians with wings
15. Water sports
16. Hungry
1. A cold place
2. Nervous
3. Used to cut wood
4. Against
5. A body part
6. A color
8. Presented to a winner
9. Means of transportation
11. Grows on a tree
13. Reddish

2a-always; 4a-ants; 5a-Apache; 7a-aquarium; 8a-add; 10a-atlas; 12a-alligator; 13a-air; 14a-angels; 15a-aquatics;
1d-Alaska; 2d-anxious; 3d-axe; 4d-anti; 5d-aorta; 6d-aquamarine; 8d-award; 9d-airplane; 11d-apples; 13d-auburn;

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